Diversity and inclusion at Jopp

Jopp aims to be an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO): Jopp makes every effort to be a transparent and non-discriminating employer in terms of gender, religion, age, national origin or ethnicity and sexual orientation.

One of Jopp's core values is 'Mentality Pays', in other words, mentality and drive of the candidate are more important than skills and background. Jopp selects candidates without bias, but based on motivation, drive and personal match with the organization. This is true for Jopp internally as well as for the matches of Joppers with partners.

Jopp strives for the best talent of the future for its partners. At the same time, Jopp wants its workforce to be a representative reflection of Dutch society. This translates into employing as many 'different' Joppers as possible! At this moment, the workforce of Jopp already represents many dimensions of diversity:

40+ Nationalities

Jopp's workforce includes over 40 different nationalities

Diverse Dutch Joppers

About 30% of the 'Dutch' Joppers have a migration background. (May 2022)

Male / Female

Of Joppers, 47% identify as female and 53% as male (May 2022)

Fun fact:

Jopp offers ‘diversity leave’, this day off can be used on days that are important to you, such as Eid al-Fitr, Carnival or Pride.


Diversity is broader than only Jopp, to promote diversity and inclusion, we work together with different (student) associations. This way, we also help students and graduates with a migration background in their search for a job.

Do you also want to cooperate with Jopp and help the members of your organization find suitable jobs? Send an e-mail to info@jopp.nl, and we will respond asap!


Meer werken = meer groeien

Level 1
Niveau 1
Na 250 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Classic'' Jopper
  • ✓ Carriere-test
  • ✓ Introduceer een nieuwe kandidaat

Level 2
Na 500 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Seasoned'' Jopper
  • ✓ Leiderschapstraining of een training naar keuze
  • ✓ Persoonlijkheidstest
  • ✓ IQ-test

Level 3
Na 1000 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Legend'' Jopper
  • ✓ Meelopen bij coole bedrijven
  • ✓ Gepersonaliseerd en uniek portfolio
  • ✓ Hulp en introductie bij gave stages of traineeships

Our partners also stand for diversity


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