What does Jopp do for me?

Perhaps you already know exactly what you want to do with your studies and are you looking for practical experience. Maybe you want to learn new skills and develop competencies that are not covered during your studies. Whatever your reasons, Jopp will help you find the challenges that suit you. Now or in the future.

Aim for the future

Grow and continue to do so

As you develop with our partners, you also grow within Jopp. We offer you various options for personal development, getting to know yourself better and distinguishing yourself.

Personal guidance

Feedback and preparation

Different things are demanded on the labor market than in lecture halls. Jopp gives you feedback on your resume, motivation letter and interview to prepare you as well as possible.

Hourly bonus

Always > €11.-

Jopp doesn't believe you should pass out on a challenge because you don't earn enough. Jopp therefore always complements your salary to at least € 11 per hour and we simply pay that out of our own pocket.

How does it work?

Are you an ambitious and driven student or graduate? Then we look forward to work for and with you for a long period of time. To really help you, it is important to get to know you well. Not only who you are, what you study, but also, what your interests and ambitions are. Together we look for a suitable challenge for you. Is there no available at that time? Then you stay active in the Jopp TalentPool. You will be the first to hear about new challenges that suit you.

Maybe you already know exactly what you are looking for. Then take a look at the vacancies and see if there is a challenge that suits you. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for yet, or what suits you, sign up for the TalentPool. Then we first get to know you and look at suitable challenges afterwards.

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application process

It is nice and effective to know what awaits you. The registration process starts as soon as you register for a vacancy. You can now address your personally assigned Jopp recruiter for all your questions or (future) applications. It is therefore not necessary to register a second time.

  1. APPLY
    Apply for your favorite vacancy.
    Your personal Jopp recruiter will reach out on Whatsapp.
    Together you check whether there is a potential match from both sides.
    Your turn! What are your motivations and goals? Why are you a good fit for this position?
    If you want, you can receive feedback on your application, whether or not you get the job.

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TalentPool Process

Didn't find a suitable challenge or are you still orientating? Sign up for our TalentPool and tell us your ambitions and interests. This way you will never miss a new challenge at Jopp.

    Tell us about your interests, ambitions and skills
  2. MATCH
    We match you with new and relevant challenges at Jopp.
    A Jopp recruiter will reach out through Whatsapp or email.

TalentPool ✍️

Meer werken = meer groeien

Level 1
Niveau 1
Na 250 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Classic'' Jopper
  • ✓ Carriere-test
  • ✓ Introduceer een nieuwe kandidaat

Level 2
Na 500 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Seasoned'' Jopper
  • ✓ Leiderschapstraining of een training naar keuze
  • ✓ Persoonlijkheidstest
  • ✓ IQ-test

Level 3
Na 1000 gewerkte uren

  • ✓ De ''Legend'' Jopper
  • ✓ Meelopen bij coole bedrijven
  • ✓ Gepersonaliseerd en uniek portfolio
  • ✓ Hulp en introductie bij gave stages of traineeships

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