To prioritize quality matches and strive for sustainable partnerships.


To match next-generation talent with (future) unicorns.

Jopp Students & Graduates

We connect top talent with growing organizations. Motivated students deserve the chance to show themselves at awesome companies and get the coaching and guidance they need, while we help organizations attract and retain their future employees.

Jopp differentiates itself as a selection partner with a unique databas with over 200.000 students. This gives us the opportunity to search for specific skills, study backgrounds and locations.


Mentality and drive over
skills and background.



Joppers don't work for us,
but with us.



A dedicated candidate
deserves more!

Because we work with Young Professionals we focus on guiding candidates and developing talents. The Jopp community consists of smart people who, like us, are ambitious, driven and fun and show this every day at the workplace of our partners. That is why we select critically and focus on quality over quantity, attitude over skills and do we search for drive, curiosity and commitment. We do this with active cooperation with our partners and select the best candidates accordingly.

Maarten Schram

Co-Founder Jopp


Thomas Lock

Co-Founder Jopp & Head of Partnerships


Vladimir Genov

Operations & Community Manager


Yannick Steensma

Talent Manager


Jennifer Theijsmeijer

Talent Manager


Lena Kil

Talent Manager


Renee van der Horst

HRM & Community Intern


Daniëlle Krop

Talent Manager Intern


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